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InfiniTrap is a fast paced maze game for hardcore players. The game will start off with 40 levels and will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Every level starts with the player character standing on the start tile. The start tile is perfectly safe-- No, trust me. It's safe. Once you leave the start tile, you have a limited time to reach the treasure before the level crushes you. To complicate things, each level will include a number of obstacles to waste your time and possibly kill you. You can make your own levels!

This game will make you ragequit and break your computer or become a god-like speedrunner :)


  • 40 challenging levels.
  • You play as Ohio Jack, the second-best treasure hunter of the world.
  • Full gamepad support.
  • A full-featured level editor.
  • Custom levels support.
  • The game is HARD :)
  • Run on Linux, Windows, OSX..
  • NO paid DLC ever.



  • Added a different button for sliding, this will fix most of the annoying situations where you want to crouch but end up sliding into a lava pit.
  • Removed the screaming sound when Ohio Jack falled from ceiling. It was very annoying to hear it again and again.
  • Increased the precision of the gamepad deadzone.
  • A speed slider with a default value of 150% (the proper speed to play the game).
  • Fixed various shadow heights (especially projectiles).
  • Projectiles now telegraph a little bit before getting out.
  • Added parallax and scaling effects to lava balls, to make them easier to understand.
  • Fixed projectiles hitboxes.
  • Fixed falling cup going through the walls.
  • Fixed jumping on a fence killing you.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the editor.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the game.


- New tutorial levels (4) that explains how to play.
- Lot of new achievements :)
- 36 total levels (including new and rebalanced levels, not the tutorial).
- You can now see where the CUP is when the level starts.
- You can now slide by pressing crouch button while walking.
- Checkpoint system!
- Tweaked hitboxes for collisions.
- Two new music tracks.
- A better music shuffling mechanism.
- The game is paused until you move.
- New lighting system with PITCH BLACK mode for those who want to get surprised :)
- Various optimizations (culling) for low-end graphic cards.
- You can now slide-jump, yeah jumping while sliding.
- You can now adjust luminosity in the preferences menu.
- Achievements not collected correctly.
- Opening a dialog actually pause the game now.
- No more input when you are dropping from the ceiling.


- Support for English, French, Spanish, German and Russian language
- Fixed gamepad issues
- Added extra levels, balanced existing ones
- Re-done collision checks
- Added christmas intro
- No blood mode
- Gamepad input binding
- Fixed scoreboard
- 32bits version for Windows and Linux


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InfiniTrap 1.0 Linux32.zip 114 MB
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InfiniTrap 1.0 OSX.zip 146 MB
Infinitrap 1.0 win32.zip 134 MB
Infinitrap 1.0 win64.zip 123 MB

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