Beta Update 0.29 (Week 17)

Hi everyone, it was a long time since our last update. We were busy working on few things:

- Steam support is partially done (Still miss achievements and trading cards along the page itself).
- XBOX support (auth and gamepad working, still some work is needed on cloud data storage).
- Lot of optimizations (We reduced the number of drawcalls drastically, the game will run on low-end hardware).

- Jumping range is affected by how long you are running.
- Jumping after a long slide allow you to cross 4 tiles.

What to expect in our next release (Beta 0.30):
- Merfolk (new enemy type).
- Integrated platform to share/rate and download levels.

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Version 0.29 Sep 25, 2018 255 MB
Version 0.29 Sep 25, 2018 204 MB
Version 0.29 Sep 25, 2018

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