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Steam Early Access
Hi everyone, we just released our trailer for Steam Early Access. We will appreciate it a lot if you can visit our Steam page and wishlist it. This way you will...
We released a new demo (with 7 levels)
Sealed deep below the earth's crust lie treasures beyond our wildest dreams. This is the story of Ohio Jack, the world's second best explorer (we couldn't affor...
3 files
The demo got an update!
Hi everyone! We got great feedback for our Halloween Demo. We worked hard to release a new revision during the weekend. Here a list of some things we changed...
3 files
Halloween Demo (Public beta) is now available for download!
Hi everyone, we just completed our closed beta and moved toward a public beta in the form of a Halloween demo containing 5 levels. Have fun and if you like the...
3 files
New crates just like in the nineties
A complete overhaul of the original Infinitrap game
Re-using your deaths to complete a level
While working on the game, we added corpses to mark the places where the player died (you keep respawning in the same level until you complete it). Then we told...
Beta Update 0.29 (Week 17)
Hi everyone, it was a long time since our last update. We were busy working on few things: - Steam support is partially done (Still miss achievements and tradin...
3 files — 0.29
Beta update 0.26 (Week 12)
Now Ohio Jack is accelerating a lot less faster making him easier to handle, the same apply to jumps. We fixed a bug where you cannot get out of dialog with Cul...
3 files — 0.26